I’m somebody now!

In todays digital age, we’re able to connect at the speed of light. Apps, widgets, and websites…aww (see what I did there?) have become a boon to a vast number of people that wish to establish not only a community presence, but an individual digital existence as well. This “cyber-existence” can be either an extension of our everyday lives or a completely fantastical realm that we create that bears no semblance to who we really are.

Part of being an aspiring writer, I’m told (thanks Tim!), is establishing an online presence to help reach out to potential readers, fans, and other individuals that are all needed for any writer to become successful. So without further procrastination – which is only rivaled by my ability to sleep in – I’d like to welcome you to the official opening of my blog site!

I know you’re probably wondering where I came up with the name of this site. I mulled it over for a hours, trying to come up with something clever and witty, yet relevant to my ultimate purpose, which is writing fiction. For reasons that I still can’t fully identify my brain instantaneously zeroed in on the ritual of…washing…hair. I said to myself, “Self? What the hell does washing my hair have to do with writing?” And Self just shrugged and said, “I dunno!” Some help he was. Or is that some help I was? I get confused about the semantics. I’ll have to ask my shrink about that.

But after a while I finally came up with an answer. The instructions on a bottle of shampoo or conditioner are pretty straightforward. Lather…rinse…repeat (that’s what it said when I was a kid; there’s no telling what the instructions are now). So what does that have to do with writing? Lathering up equates to the writing – those first drafts that we bang out 10,000 words at a time, every day for weeks (okay, to be realistic, it’s more like 1,000, MAYBE 2,000 on a good day). The rinsing is the editing process; going over every word you’ve typed with a fine-toothed spelling & grammar checker day after day after day, until it’s just right. Then you send out query letters, sample chapters, or maybe your entire manuscript, in hopes that someone will see the brilliance in your creativity. When it’s time to repeat, well, that can actually mean several things. If your work gets published and sees the light of day, then it’s time to move on to your next project. If it gets rejected – “just not for us”, “needs more polish”, sorry not interested” – then it’s time to repeat that process of querying, etc. Either way, it’s back to work!

See? Writing is a lot like washing your hair. May your finely crafted musings shine brighter than your squeaky clean hair!

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