Welcome to Slackerville

Just like the title says…I’m a slacker of epic proportions. I started this site back in early April, all fired up to write this, post that, and generally amaze the masses with my literary skills (or have people roll their eyes at the lack of them, whichever). But as you can see, this is only my second post. Why the huge gap in posts? Well, in late April/early May I began working on a degree towards a Bachelors in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing in Fiction (switched from Business Management, which is about as exciting as listening to an accountant read tax law to you). Started off taking one class per term; the first class, English 122, was pretty easy.

For the next term I decided to take two classes at once. Just as the term was starting (the first week of July) I had a sudden upheaval in my living situation and had to find a place to live. That only took a couple of days but as anyone that has moved knows, the cable/internet people take their sweet ass time to come out to the new place to install the internet (it took them THREE weeks). So, no internet access means unable to do the online classes for my degree. I hear you saying to yourself, “Why didn’t you just go somewhere and use public WiFi?” Simply put, my laptop is a piece of crap. The battery? Doesn’t even work. In fact, it doesn’t have one. To use my laptop it has to be plugged in all the time. Anyway, about ten days after moving into this new place I also started a new job. So, between the chaos of moving, no internet, and starting a new job I’ve just been…busy!

I’ve told myself many times in the last four months that I should blog something and would even run through different things to talk about in my head. But I just didn’t do it. I also barely wrote anything. I have manuscript I’ve been working on since sometime in February. I have a grand total of about 25,000 words so far. Some of you might think that’s a good start, and you’d be right. Except I’ve had the idea for the story since 2013, and even wrote out about fifty pages. But again, my epic slacker superpower is a force to be reckoned with and totally kicked the shit out of my perceived creativity. Anyway, enough about how much of an under-achiever I am…

As I said earlier, I have hardly written anything for the manuscript I’m working on in a while. A couple weeks ago a backstory idea for one of the sub-main characters popped in my head so I wrote it out. I won’t go into details about it here. Two people have read that chapter; one said they were mildly disturbed and another said it didn’t bother them. I count that as a win, I suppose. Even though I’m about to start working on my degree again (the term starts 30 August) I plan on making myself work on my manuscript. I also plan on posting excerpts here for you people to read and give me feedback on it. That’s the plan, anyway.

Before I close this post I want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank someone who recently subscribed. I won’t give out a name or any social media information. I’ll just say that she is a böse Arsch Piratenkönigin! If/when she sees this, she’ll know who I mean!

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